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Frequently Asked Questions
about BBQ Team Names

Question:  Is entering my Team Name in the database like a copyright thing?

Answer:  No its not a copyright. One of the problems in the past has been that there never was a compressive listing of the verified team names. Someone trying to establish a team name had no real way to check and see if someone else was using the name. So the disputes that have happened in the past were probably all honest mistakes of someone just coming up with a team name and then finding out to everyone’s anguish that it has already been used by someone else.

Question:  If my team name is verified and in the database does that mean that other teams can not use this team name?

Answer:  In the past there just wasn't a place where you could go and see if the team name you have chosen was being used by another team.  As a result it was not uncommon for more than one team to be using the same team name.  When a team name is submitted to our database we check several different sources to see if anyone else is using that team name.  If we cannot find anyone else using your team name we will add it to the database.  However it does not prohibit other people from using that team name.  We are just trying to cut down on the chances of this happening.  

Question:  What happens if you discover that someone else is using a team name that I have submitted to the database.

Answer:  When ever we find there is someone else using a team name we will only include in the database the team that can prove to us that they were using the team name first.

Question:  What happens if I have a team name in your database and later on you discover someone had been using the team name before I started using it?

Answer:  If this happens we will notify you of this by email.  At that time you can decide if you want to register a different team name (no charge) or you just want your team name deleted from the database.  If you choose to have your team name deleted from the database we will delete it.

Question:  If I find my team name in the database why do I need to submit a complete form to make corrections?

Answer:  Yes, it is very important that you send in a completed form.  Your information will be kept by Ray Basso and it is there, if you every need proof that you have used the Team Name in the past.  These completed records will be incorporated into our next generation of database that we are working on.  This is only the beginning.

Question:  Why do you ask for so much information.

Answer:  It's mainly contact information.  We really need a way to contact you in the future.  We have to have either an email or phone number.  We hope you will send us both.