This is Vic of Fairlane Wood Products, setting in the chair.  He has a really big special on Cherry Chips at this time.  Give him a call and buy a bunch. 816-761-1350 This web page was designed to answer a BBQ need verified team names.


The "Team Names" Database is down for major maintenance  this will require a complete rebuilding of this web page.  We will be back as soon as possible.


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Over 3,000 Team Names in the database



This web page is a searchable database of BBQ Team Names. If your team name is not in the database you can add it by submitting your BBQ team name to the database.  You can also make changes in the team records using this form.

The Team Names Database is a resource of known and verified
BBQ Team Names




This web page was created to answer a long term, well know, need.  There has been a need for a complete listing of Team Names that compete in contests. 

There has also be a big problem for new people who wanted to compete in contest and had to go through the process of creating a Team Name that no one else had been using.  Many disputes have arisen simply because these new team selected a Team Name that they thought was original.  Later, they found to everyone's dismay that this name had been used by another team for many years. 

Now we will have a place where team names can be verified and people starting new barbeque teams can check out team names that are being used by someone else.  They then can select a Team Name they can be proud of without disputes.  It is very important that everyone submit their BBQ Team Names to the database.    All the information you submit will be sent to Ray Basso.  Ray has been one of the pioneers of barbecue on the Internet.  He has a good reputation and you have Ray's assurance that he will take very good care of the information.

Any submitted information is closely controlled.  At the present time only Ray Basso and Ken Johnson have access to the database and its information.  Ken is the person who originally started  compiling the list and he turned the original list to Ray who created this web page and database. 



Team Names
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